Writing a web-based applications vs windows based applications

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Writing a web-based applications vs windows based applications

To learn about the different methods that you can use to request temporary security credentials by assuming a role, see Using IAM Roles.

The SDKs take care of tasks such as cryptographically signing your requests, retrying requests if necessary, and handling error responses.

Writing Web-based Applications

The access key consists of an access key ID and a secret key. Users or an application that the user runs can use these credentials to access your resources. When the credentials are created, they are associated with an IAM access control policy that limits what the user can do when using the credentials.

Important Although temporary security credentials are short lived, users who have temporary access can make lasting changes to your AWS resources. For example, if a user with temporary access launches an Amazon EC2 instance, the instance can continue to run and incur charges to your AWS account.

The instance can continue running even after the user's temporary security credentials expire. We strongly recommend that you make no assumptions about the maximum size. As of this writing, the typical size is less than bytes, but that can vary.

Also, future updates to AWS might require larger sizes. If you choose an endpoint closer to you, you can reduce latency and improve the performance of your API calls. You also can choose to direct your calls to an alternative regional endpoint if you can no longer communicate with the original endpoint.

The following are the API operations that you can use to acquire temporary credentials for use in your AWS environment and applications. It is also useful for existing IAM users as a means to temporarily gain privileged access—for example, to provide multi-factor authentication MFA. This call must be made using valid AWS security credentials.

When you make this call, you pass the following information: The duration, which specifies the duration of the temporary security credentials. Use the DurationSeconds parameter to specify the duration of the role session from seconds 15 minutes up to the maximum session duration setting for the role.

If you do not pass this parameter, the temporary credentials expire in one hour. A role session name, which is a string value that you can use to identify the session.

This value can be captured and logged by CloudTrail to help you distinguish between your role users during an audit. Optionally, a policy in JSON format. This policy is combined with the policy associated with the role. If specified, the permissions are the intersection of those granted to the role and those granted by this policy.

You can use this policy to further restrict the access permissions that are associated with the temporary credentials, beyond the restrictions already established by the role permission policy.A web-based application, or web application is is an application that's "accessed with a web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet".

Most webapps are deployed using a web application framework, and frequently entail the use of a database engine.

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writing a web-based applications vs windows based applications

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