Why is environmental uncertainty an important concept in strategic management

Half of the world's wetlands were lost last century.

Why is environmental uncertainty an important concept in strategic management

An organization has little or no control over its environment but needs to constantly monitor and adapt to these external changes, a proactive or reactive response leads to significantly different outcome.

The Environmental Domain The domain consists of all the entities of the environment that interacts with the organization. Although the domain can be large, it is important to focus on the ones that have the highest significance. The common external factors that influence the organization are discussed below.

It comprises of the related industries with similar products or services, their geographic locations and markets. It is important to know all the competitors, their organizational size and skills pool, their competitive advantages, their marketing strategies, offshore development etc.

Due to increasingly broad world economy, it is important to watch the competition across the oceans, competitive products launched from abroad, changing socio-political situations, and home grown entrepreneurs.

They are the end-users of the product and services, the most critical aspect of the environment. Customers likes and dislikes changes rapidly, people live in a tight social system that create and encourage trends.

These include the social, economical and cultural changes like population age, ethnicity, education level and economic class. Such changes affect the customer preference and the mass market trends.

An organization depends upon availability of certain external resources for its operations and productivity. These include undergraduate students, related university courses, training schools and labor market.

The availability of adequately skilled employees at various levels in the organization can change dramatically over the period of time.

Once the demand for certain skill drops, so does the supply, in a long run it adversely affect the organization since it becomes hard to obtain highly skilled new workers.

Similarly, as the competition grows, they compete for the same skill set in the market creating a high temporary demand.

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Every organization uses certain raw materials to manufacture its product or service, any disruption in its supply, changes in cost of materials etc can have an adverse effect. It provides operational support; it includes savings or available cash, credit lines to fund new ventures, venture capitals, the stock markets and investors.

It is particularly noteworthy in the organizations that operate on thin margins or new startups since they have little support to raise capitals.

It includes the science and technology required for the production, the technical tools that are used in the manufacturing or the technology of the product itself in case of high-tech industry.

Internet, social network, advances in semiconductors and communication technologies have revolutionized how organizations operate in current era. All organizations have to abide by the legal system, new laws and regulations are constantly added due to the political or social changes.

Compliance can result in additional cost, developing new technology, additional taxes or legal fees; one such example is lowered carbon emission requirements. Not all factors impact the day to day operations and thus needs to be weighed differently. Higher level of uncertainty entails that organizational leaders have a complex environment to deal with, it test their visionary and decision making capability in absence of clear data.

Why is environmental uncertainty an important concept in strategic management

A framework of environmental uncertainty can be formulated by determining the complexity and stability of the environment. Not all domain factors might have considerable impact, one company might have very few competitors with little market share while another might be threatened by new players.

It is the frequency at which the domain elements change and how predictable are the changes. Domain is considered to be stable if only few elements change in a predicable fashion.

It is considered unstable if the domain elements are dynamic and shift abruptly, and it is hard to anticipate the changes.

Environmental Intelligence Environmental intelligence gathering is a process of constantly scanning the environmental domain for changes.

Why is environmental uncertainty an important concept in strategic management

Its purpose is to detect the changes, gather vital information, perform methodical analysis and present its reports to the top executives in the organization. There are two channels of obtaining environmental domain changes that are mentioned below.Operations Research, Management Science, Decision Science, and Success Science (OR/MS/DS/SS) Decision Science (DS) known also as Operations Research (OR), Management Science (MS), and Success Science (SS) is the science of making decisions.

The distinctions between risk and uncertainty did not have much impact until recently when advances in economic theory and the crisis starkly illustrated the dangers of relying on short backward looking time series data to model risk. OBJECTIVES. At the end of this session, participants should be able to understand and appreciate: caninariojana.comples and elements of MIS caninariojana.com relationship between organizational structure and MIS.

Information gathering from external environment is very important in order to create competitive advantage for hotels. Because of this, hotels are very sensitive to the external information and sustain the systems gathering, disseminating information and transforming it into the response.

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Strategic Orientation and Environmental Uncertainty. Strategic orientation is closely linked to environmental uncertainty.

The level of uncertainty may be objective and measurable or subjective and perceived. The important issue is how . Why is delegation an important management concept?

No one person can do it all. It is important to share the work around and to make sure that subordinates can do the work and the business can functions when the management are not there, on holiday or leave the organisation.

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