The events surrounding the apartheid in africa and its relation to israel

We are faced with an increasing onslaught on criticism of Israel with attempts being made to drawn the lines ever more narrowly. There are accusations that any singling out of Israel is antisemitic:

The events surrounding the apartheid in africa and its relation to israel

A decade on, their creation has become an annual and globally-recognised event.

The events surrounding the apartheid in africa and its relation to israel

This year, it will feature cultural and educational events, as well as public protests in more than cities on six continents. While IAW schedules typically last a week, their dates vary by location to account for different national calendars.

South Africa tells UN: Israel is only apartheid state in the world today – Middle East Monitor

This past Saturday evening, after days of film screenings, panel discussions and a rally in New York City, hundreds of activists packed into a Brooklyn church hall to hear participants in a recent delegation of black journalists, artists and organisers from the US to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the head of the American Studies Association that voted in to boycott Israeli institutions, and local Palestinian organisers share their experiences.

In South Africa, demonstrators across the country protested outside branches of Woolworths, a retailer stocking Israeli products, while churches prepared to mark the week in their Sunday services.

Many activists use the terms to compare the two historical experiences and their commonalities: Israel meets the definition of apartheid under international law, which states that apartheid is an institutionalised system of domination of one group of people over another.

Furthermore, even those Palestinians with citizenship still face systematic, institutionalised discrimination with respect to land, housing, planning, budgets, education and more. The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, which advocates for Palestinian citizens of the state, maintains a database of 58 active laws it says discriminate against them.

Relations with Other Countries

IAW is one of the few moments where a broader public gets access to analyses that pierce through these mythologies. Palestinian Voices from the Israeli Gulag, an anthology of accounts by detainees freed in the prisoner exchange, often contributes to the Electronic Intifada, and tweets at jncatron.

This article was first published by Middle East Eye. To make a contribution using your Paypal account or credit card, please click HERE Or kindly send your contribution to:How many resided in and witnessed apartheid, in practice, in South Africa?

whose sovereignty and safety are already assailed by the states surrounding her, is invited to add to her perils by.


In Israel also imported approximately US$ million in goods, mainly coal, from South Africa, and exported to South Africa nonmilitary products worth about US$ million.

In Israel took steps to reduce its military ties to South Africa to bring its policies in line with those of the United States and Western Europe. White added that attempts to understand Israel apart from the occupied territories were flawed, like considering the white areas of apartheid-era South Africa and its Black “homelands” separately.

Early Israeli relations with apartheid South Africa but as it was banned from using the airspace of most African countries, it had to take a detour around West Africa, doubling the distance and flying four days after the United States acted to end its economic and cultural sanctions against South Africa, Israel lifted its sanctions as.

10 Years after Modest Launch, Israeli Apartheid Week Spans the Globe - Palestine Chronicle

In relation to the situation within Israel itself, they also point to substantial rights that Arab Israelis share with their fellow citizens — including suffrage, the ability to hold public office, and freedom of speech—that were not available to the blacks of South Africa.

Mar 31,  · Why Israel Is Nothing Like Apartheid South Africa.

The events surrounding the apartheid in africa and its relation to israel

By Benjamin Pogrund. The idea that Israel is an apartheid state is a staple of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, which has made.

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