No one can ruin your life

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No one can ruin your life

Jan Kevin A. It will be full of heartbreak and disappointments. Even the most charmed of lives will have moments of great sorrow. Mourn what was lost. We live in a day in which we no longer know how to mourn.

Our society has hidden mourning from view and the result is that no one knows how to do it any more. Yet failing to mourn does not make the situation better. It buries the feelings which end up expressing themselves in other ways.

Some things can be mourned in minutes while others will not be overcome in a lifetime. Either way, we need to mourn. If we were only allowed to mourn if our loss was greater than others then only one person in the world would be able to mourn at a time.

Mourn the big things by breaking them into small things. By mourning each specific loss as it comes to mind, we are processing the depth of the tragedy.

Appreciate what you have. Those that only focus on the negative feel the same amount of loss, but experience none of the positives which are around them. This multiplies the negative. Appreciating the presence of good even during a difficult time keeps an individual from despair.

Life can hurt deeply, but rarely does that hurt define everything about life.

No one can ruin your life

Good is often intermingled within our greatest sorrows. Be energized by it. Every positive has negatives and every negative has positives. No matter the cause of a disappointment, it results in us being in a place in life we never wanted to be.

While the new road is not of our own choosing, it can be meaningful. And it can be satisfying in ways which we could have never expected. Feel the sorrow but also continue to live. Everyone experiences disappointments in life. Some we can avoid, but many we cannot.

Knowing how to navigate the disappointments in life is one of the greatest skills we can learn. The process is not complex, but the courage to walk each step is a tremendous challenge.“No one can ruin your day without your permission.” What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of what it’s supposed to be.

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No one can ruin your life

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