Mustang vs charger

Consumer Reports has been recommending the Mustang for years for a reason.

Mustang vs charger

Hope dodge keeps it like this for ever.

Mustang vs charger

Six Thousand Times They will. No money for a new one.

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This current fat ugly thing will die with Dodge by The only way I see it even being remotely mentinoable is if you drive something else right before testing out the Camaro.

I thinks its a non-issue that car reviewers have successfully over hyped just to have another bullet point in their magazine articles… Emoto Ford: We have launched the worst ever mid cycle refresh! Hold my beer… They both look horrible, but those rear tail lamps on the Camaro give it the win for me.

But I would take both in pre-refresh models. Saw one on the road and it looked fine and aggressive. I am hoping its the same for the Camaro… I literally was just looking at one the morning they released the facelift images thinking that it really is a beautiful car… then this refresh.

Six Thousand Times And you get more power and equipment. Have yet to see anyone younger than that in any version of any of the brands. Same goes for Camaro and Challenger. ErnieB Mustang by a million zillion miles! ErnieB Getting myself a challenger though!

Six Thousand Times And marrying a close relative? I have 3 kids so need the extra space. Herres Both facelift were un-necessary, are not that bad… But the chey logo on the bumper is stupid and ugly, it works only on trucks.

Always been ugly on cars. I thought they stopped that. So Mustang wins… but for no good reason. LJ Has it ever not been the Mustang? Six Thousand Times This opinion only valid in the Appalachian region or areas where a thriving market exists in used house trailers.

They fucked up so bad one of the most beautiful cars of recent time. I thought the current Camaro was the best looking Camaro. But I think they destroyed the front of the next Camaro.

Mustang vs charger

Often I find that refreshes ruin a good design by forcing incongruous elements—most likely added by another designer rather than the original. The one exception would be the taillights, which look worse on both cars. The headlights add a kickdown at their outer edges like most every Mustang ever, instead of angling up like the Camaro.

Those headlights look incrementally larger as well, which helps balance out the gigantic grille, making things look more proportional.Searching for a new Ford Mustang in Winder Georgia?

Akins Ford can help you find the perfect Ford Mustang today! This time it’s the Camaro vs Charger. The – Camaro was the second, and longest-running generation, and it was a huge departure from the earlier, first generation Camaro. The Z/28 model had become a household name, and now carried the first iteration of the LT1 engine.

May 28,  · Both the Dodge Charger R/T and the Ford Mustang GT are in different categories. The Dodge Charger is a large sedan with a horsepower HEMI engine and can seat up to five people, plus it has a 5-speed automatic transmission and has an all-wheel drive Resolved.

Introduction to Electric Vehicles Ed Ristad Alternative Fuel Vehicle Instructor Santa Rosa Junior College [email protected] Solar Living Institute EV The pros at Freehold Dodge presents a vehicle comparison of the Dodge Charger vs Ford Mustang.

Read more to find out how these two muscle cars compare. "The all-new Dodge Charger embodies all of the key attributes of the Dodge brand - bold, powerful, street-smart and full of life," said Darryl Jackson, Vice President, Dodge Marketing, Chrysler Group.

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