Legal encounter week 4 law 531

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Legal encounter week 4 law 531

Email Getty Images OTTAWA — Days before recreational cannabis use becomes legal in Canada, federal officials acknowledge many details of the new regime have yet to be worked out, including how police will grapple with procedures for laying drug-impaired driving charges.

Legal encounter week 4 law 531

But to prove the offences, the federal government says police will have to take blood samples within a two-hour window. And, even before that, a specially trained officer will be required to get a suspected high driver out of their vehicle and administer preliminary tests.

So far, local officers and Mounties have been trained, short of the 2, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police estimated would be needed to enforce the new laws.

It is likely that urine samples will be used until procedures are worked out after legalization.

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Possession of small amounts of cannabis for recreational use will become legal Oct. Ahead of legalization, the Liberals are sending information cards to more than 15 million households, running ads and slipping notes into new passports about the rules around cannabis, hoping to avoid problems before they arise.

The government put a focus Friday on the new laws and awareness campaign during a media briefing from officials of Health Canada, the Justice Department, Public Safety Canada, the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency — all of whom provided information on condition officials not be identified by name.

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Anyone entering Canada will be asked to declare if they are carrying cannabis and, depending on the situation, they may be allowed to go free minus the pot in question. However, it will still be illegal to take cannabis on international flights.

Legal encounter week 4 law 531

Border officials also say they have yet to receive clarity from American counterparts over whether someone who invests in a cannabis producer can be banned from entering the United States, which has strict federal laws on marijuana.

Anyone who works in the legal industry in Canada can be turned around at the U.

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Also on Friday, Health Canada changed how it plans to calculate regulatory fees for cannabis sellers. Fees are also to be scaled to the size of the company.View Homework Help - NewCorp Scenario Week #4 from LAW at University of Phoenix.

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NewCorp Scenarios LAW/PR Version 2 1 University of Phoenix Material NewCorp Scenarios The following three legal. Legal Encounter 1 Conduct the Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce simulation.

MGT Multinational Corporations Case Study WEEK 4 Purpose of Assignment At times, multinational corporations encounter in-country issues that if not properly  · This courses focuses on the legal environment associated with international commercial transactions, including an analysis of major Western and non-Western legal traditions and the supranational law of the European Community, a detailed analysis of the negotiation, formation, enforcement, and financing of international sales contracts, an Identify which legal principles support your decision.

All encounters must be supported from legal principles in this weeks readings, including cases and statutes. Write an answer of no more than words for each encounter.

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Law Week 5 Paper NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief Three legal encounters that NewCorp is contending with are unsatisfactory performance and corrective action plan, sexual harassment and discrimination, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance Legal Encounter 1 NewCorp hired Pat in Vermont causing Vermont state law to apply to this legal encounter%(3).

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