Jamba juice growth strategy

Now picture the paperwork needed for all those elements. The licensing agreements and franchising contracts, the real-estate deals and regulatory red tape. All to open a single store.

Jamba juice growth strategy

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Review this one right now! Introduction Jamba Juice Company is a famous restaurant seller of specialty beverage and food offerings, which include whole fruit smoothies, nice tasting, fruit juices and juice mixture, hot teas and a diversity of food stuffs comprising of, breakfast wraps snacks, hot oatmeal, sandwiches, artisan flatbreads, energy bowls and baked goods.

As of December 31,there were store locations worldwide.

Jamba juice growth strategy

There were Company-owned and operated stores and franchise-operated stores in the United States, and 62 franchise-operated global stores. Jamba Juice Company extended the Jamba trademark by direct selling of consumer wrapped up goods and licensing its brands. Presented is the financial report for the fiscal period ended December 31, Jamba Juice Company realized a considerable achievement in many units, shown by an increase in same store sales with gains in quality products.

For the year, Jamba registered store sales increases of 6. The rise is as a result of the 7. The rise in number of company-owned equivalent store sales of 7. Franchise and other revenue increased by 9. Operating Margin and Loss The operating margin for Jamba Company was 3 percent for the year when seen in comparison to 0.

When it is a non-GAAP conditions, losses from operations was approximately 1. Plans have been made at stores to advance the store level margins by about basis points forwhich is believed will boost operating margin.

Retail Growth For December 31,there were about Jamba stores in US, of which are franchise stores, while those owned by the company are stores. Franchise stores included 42 smoothie locations.

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During the period, Jamba launched two new local franchise stores, two global store locations one in Asia and one in South America and two non-ordinary smoothie locations.

There is no any new Company-owned stores which are operating in this period. During the period, there were seven stores which were closed internationally. As of December 31, there were also 62 worldwide store sites, and all are franchise-operated. Development continues at Jamba with elements in operation reaching around 2, As of December 31, and December 31,the Company did not have any confidential cash.

Expense reduction plan As the main focus Jamba Company CEO calculated project, and to a certain extent due to the limitation of the customer expenditure at the time, Jamba considered increasing the operating margin by cutting on the store-level costs. This would be achieved after a long time by reducing costs of goods sold, cutting on labour costs, better regulating wages and remuneration, carrying out a labour planning system, raising occupancy savings, and improving managements of marketing expenditures, controllable costs, store and costs.

In addition, Jamba took numerous actions to decrease general and managerial costs.

Jamba juice growth strategy

They were also looking for ways to better use technology to advance store levels productivities. Cutting of the cost of expenses may lead to poor production due to lover regulated resources and unmotivated personnel.

Jamba prioritized transforming herself to an asset-light model with her move to refranchise stores California. The arrangements for hasten refranchising of other fronts will decrease company-owned stores to about 11 percent of entire stores by the end of the year from 30 percent she had just a year ago.

These progresses included augmented costs for organizational streamlining and subcontract costs plus expenses related transition to the asset-light model, which are reflected in her net loss for the financial year.

Moreover, the first share repurchase program is well ongoing with 1. The franchised stores bring a breadth of specialist skills and resources to their clients. They are skilled in a broad range of cost-reduction methods and given right of entry to a vast amount of local information, then they link what is very much a mutual system — franchisees are able to implore others with professional skills.Dec 15,  · – Digital Editor, Dallas Business Journal Dec 15, , pm CST It’s been a whirl’d-wind year for Jamba Juice, with the appointment of a new CEO and a relocation to North Texas.

Jamba Juice Consolidated Consolidated Balance Sheet (in thousands) Year Ended Year Ended Year Ended Current Assets $41, $48, $26, Supporting Jamba Juice’s recently announced “BLEND” revitalization plan, these new alliances add momentum to the company’s licensing growth strategy to extend the Jamba brand and maximize.

Nov 16,  · SICOM announced that Jamba Juice has selected the company as its exclusive provider of digital display solutions. As part of Jamba Juice's new store design and growth strategy. Terms of the deal were not released, but James White, Jamba chair, chief executive and president, said Talbott fit with the smoothie company’s strategy for growth through lifestyle brands within the health-and-wellness category.

James White, President & CEO of Jamba Juice. discusses the company's winning business strategy and promoting a healthy lifestyle for consumers.

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