Is india truely independent

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Is india truely independent

We have gained freedom from the British rule but what have we done with our independence? It has been 63 years since we have gained independence. We are a free nation now.

But still after so many years, the question remains the same. We proudly claim that we are independent from a foreign rule but we are still not free from jealousy, intolerance and hatred towards our fellow countrymen.

We are full of bitterness towards other religions, traditions and always try to suppress the growth of the other. We are tied in shackles of terrorism, false ideologies, corruption, communal violence, and class — caste distinctions and so on.

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We tend to forget that independence is not only living freely but also allowing others to live freely. We say that we are a free nation but our behavior suggests that we are still not free. We admire other nations but forget to count the good points of our nation.

We love western culture and try to avoid Indian culture. We wear jeans, skirts and often criticize our saris and suits. We take pride in a foreign language but fail to learn and appreciate our language. No doubt we are independent but monetarily paralyzed.

We do not think independently, we often think what others make us think. All this really makes one think that are we really independent? Are we a free nation? Are we worthy of any praise? These are haunting questions which we may hesitate to answer but they are standing in our way of success and have to be answered as soon as possible.

A unified India should come together to answer these questions as this is not a job of one individual but the whole nation. It would be unfair to say that that we cannot do anything because when we Indians decide to do something then nothing is impossible for us.

It is just a momentary laziness and lack of encouragement that has led to such a situation. So I call upon all the people especially the youth of the nation, on this Independence Day, to come forward and break all the shackles to make the country truly independent and free.

Everyone should pledge to work towards the development of India in a true sense and make India — a place full of love and happiness and mark it as a successful nation on the world map. Only then, will we be independent in true sense of the term.Home / Essays / Is India Truely Independent Is India Really Independent?

“Is India really independent?

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”, this is a question lingering in many Indian minds. But what happened then. India lost the freedom to the East Indian Company and the British. They invaded the country and the downfall of the Indian Empire has begun.

Is india truely independent

It needed hundred years of foreign occupation to destroy a thousands year old history of freedom. India is definitely free and independent now, even more so on paper. Is India Truely Independent.

Is India Really Independent? “Is India really independent?”, this is a question lingering in many Indian minds. Why does this question arise in our mind today? Did we not recieve our nation’s freedom on 15th of August ?

A further more example of India not being Independent is at the sports festival i.e @ The Olympics playfield, when any team from India enters the Olympics, the so called team India is announced by the name The Dominant State of England.

Post-independent India is portrayed exceptionally well in Arundhati Roy’s Booker Prize winning literary accomplishment, The God of Small of Things. The author closely and accurately examines and critiques the paradoxes that were brought to India by the colonial rule and attempts to redefine the religious, economical, political and social implications of Indianness in the post- independent scenario.

The real struggle for independence of India had begun almost 90 years before in , when a group of sepoys mutinied against the East India Company.

Nevertheless it needed another 90 years for India to become an Independent State.

Is India Really Independent? - The MAG