General conference 2013 sunday afternoon

The Temple grounds are beautiful, calming, and it was a little bit emotional for me as we wandered around.

General conference 2013 sunday afternoon

FHE Corner — katiesblogness. I have been working on some cute ones that are geared towards older kids too, but they are not done yet — in fact they have been in the same unfinished state for two conferences already. She will likely not sit still, with her stickers and her notes pages for each and every talk, beginning to end.

However, she will likely want very much to be like her older siblings and use one or two stickers and a crayon or two for a moment during most talks. I want to empower her connecting to the messages this conference.

Trains are not just for boys, but this little princess needed something new. Plus, the boys might just enjoy something new too!

General conference 2013 sunday afternoon

As this is the spring General Conference, I decided to finally make what I have been contemplating for a couple of years now. I created a General Conference Flower Garden! We will have a Family Home Evening the Monday before Conference to talk to the kids about planting the words of the prophets deep in our hearts.

Hopefully the visual flowers for their notes sheets will make it easier to remember that we have to do something about what we hear of our understanding will wilt and die like a flower that is not planted. Each speaker, of the 15 prophets, seers, and revelators, will have their own page.

That way the kids have something new and fresh each talk of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve. Each page has the name of one of those 15 leaders in dashed line, tracing style letters.

There is a flower that has the picture for that same General Authority on the page. Each flower also has a tie for a stem that can be decorated to match the tie that leader is wearing. The children can fill the petals with topics that are discussed by that speaker or use the stickers made to go with the Conference Train to decorate their flower page with ideas they pick up on during that talk.

After the talk is finished and the child has taken the notes they want, they can add the flower to garden for that session. Flower by flower a beautiful garden will appear!

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After General Conference is over, my kids love it when I gather all their notes and put them in a notebook that they can look through during the next six months before the next General Conference begins! It makes for some great reading material on a Sunday afternoon or as a resource for a child to prepare their own talk or a lesson for Family Home Evening too!

I may get a few minutes and do up a printable planter box, but that may be only a dream for me this Conference. You could also do a fun vase or a strip of green cloth or brown cloth to be the ground that the kids are planting in. Of put a picture of a planter box or garden plot on the cover for a file folder to add all the flowers too.

Anyone have any other ideas for creating a place to plant the words of the prophets as the kids complete their flower notes?

Here are the blank template flowers — these can be used for the speakers that are not in the First Presidency or Quorum of the Twelve.

To open the PDF of the image, click on the file name, not the picture itself. The picture is there just to give you an idea what that file will look like.MOUNTAIN CENTER — Idyllwild, Fern Valley and Pine Cove residents affected by the 27,acre Mountain Fire were able to return their homes Sunday afternoon but .

The Colts held their first day of training camp practice at Anderson University Sunday, July 28 during a press conference Friday, April 28, , afternoon at the Colts complex on West.

Apr 02,  · th Annual General Conference – Sunday Afternoon General Session Posted on April 2, by Graham | Leave a comment Between sessions, I napped for a bit while my kids watched Moana in the background.

General conference 2013 sunday afternoon

Mar 17,  · Tags: Activities, Coloring, Conference Activities, Flower, Free, General Authority, General Conference, LDS, Printables, Spring [An updated version of this for April can be found here!] I have 3 girls and 2 boys, but have only posted my Conference Train for cute note taking geared towards little ones.

General Conference Breakfast Ideas Before the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions, we like to have a big family breakfast to start our day. These yummy blueberry crepes are on the menu for Saturday morning and I am debating between Cupcake Diary’s cinnamon and sugar pull-apart rolls and Love to be in the Kitchen’s homemade cinnamon rolls.

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