Explain the policies procedures of the setting or service in response accidents incidents emergencie

Things you need to do Workplaces need a plan for emergencies that can have a wider impact. Special procedures are needed for emergencies such as serious injuries, explosion, flood, poisoning, electrocution, fire, release of radioactivity and chemical spills. Quick and effective action may help to ease the situation and reduce the consequences.

Explain the policies procedures of the setting or service in response accidents incidents emergencie

Special Educational Needs and Disability Act The nursery and staff are committed to: The nursery will strive to ensure that all services and projects are accessible and relevant to all groups and individuals in the community within targeted age groups.

Recruitment The nursery will strive in its recruitment to ensure that the staffing levels reflect the community it serves. All vacancies will be advertised as widely as budgets allow. Every effort will be made to ensure there is a representative balance on the selection group and all members of the group will be committed to equal opportunities practice as set out in this policy and will have received appropriate training in this regard.

Application forms will be sent out along with a copy of the equal opportunities policy. Application forms will not include questions that potentially discriminate against the grounds specified in the statement of intent.

At interview no questions will be posed which potentially discriminate against the grounds specified in the statement of intent.

At interview, all candidates will be asked the same questions, and members of the selection group will not introduce nor use any personal knowledge of candidates acquired outside the selection process.

Candidates will be given the opportunity to receive feedback on the reasons why they were not successful. Staff It is the policy of ABC Nursery and Pre-school not to discriminate, whether directly or indirectly in the treatment of others.

All staff are expected to co-operate with the implementation, monitoring and improvement of this and other policies. All staff are expected to challenge language, actions, behaviours and attitudes which are oppressive or discriminatory on the grounds as specified in this policy. All staff are expected to participate in equal opportunities training.

The equal opportunities co-ordinator is trained and she oversees the equal opportunities within the nursery. Training The nursery recognises the importance of training as a key factor in the implementation of an effective inclusion and equality policy.


The nursery will strive towards the provision of inclusion, equality and diversity training for all staff on a annual basis. Curriculum The curriculum offered in the nursery encourages children to develop positive attitudes to people who are different from them.

It encourages children to empathise with others and to begin to develop the skills of critical thinking. We do this by: This includes unwanted verbal or physical advances - the key factor in assessing harassment is whether it is unwanted.

The nursery team welcomes parents as partners and this relationship needs to be built on trust and understanding. It is important that we, as carers, are able to support parents in an open and sensitive manner.

Manager and Human Resources Notification

A two way sharing of information is key to this. The nursery wishes to ensure parents are part of the care and education team within the nursery.

Our policy is to: These will be obtained through regular feedback via questionnaires, providing a suggestion system and encouraging parents to review working practices. These are then evaluated by the nursery to promote nursery practice, policy and staff development Safeguarding Children Ioana Gherghi — Child Protection Office At ABC Nursery and Preschool we work with children, parents, external agencies and the community to ensure the welfare and safety of children and to give them the very best start in life.

Explain the policies procedures of the setting or service in response accidents incidents emergencie

Children have the right to be treated with respect, be helped to thrive and to be safe from any abuse in whatever form. In our setting we strive to protect children from the risk of radicalisation and we promote acceptance and tolerance of other beliefs and cultures please refer to our inclusion and equality policy for further information.

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, in relation to this policy is defined as: Policy intention To safeguard children and promote their welfare we will: Create an environment to encourage children to develop a positive self-image Provide positive role models and develop a safe culture where staff are confident to raise concerns about professional conduct Encourage children to develop a sense of independence and autonomy in a way that is appropriate to their age and stage of development Provide a safe and secure environment for all children Promote tolerance and acceptance of different beliefs, cultures and communities Help children to understand how they can influence and participate in decision-making and how to promote British values through play, discussion and role modelling Always listen to children Provide an environment where practitioners are confident to identify where children and families may need intervention and seek the help they need Share information with other agencies as appropriate.

Explain the policies procedures of the setting or service in response accidents incidents emergencie

The nursery is aware that abuse does occur in our society and we are vigilant in identifying signs of abuse and reporting concerns. Our practitioners have a duty to protect and promote the welfare of children.

Due to the many hours of care we are providing, staff may often be the first people to identify that there may be a problem. Our prime responsibility is the welfare and well-being of each child in our care.

As such we believe we have a duty to the children, parents and staff to act quickly and responsibly in any instance that may come to our attention. All staff will work with other agencies in the best interest of the child, including as part of a multi-agency team, where needed.

The nursery aims to: We will support children by offering reassurance, comfort and sensitive interactions.


We will devise activities according to individual circumstances to enable children to develop confidence and self-esteem within their peer group.

Contact telephone numbers Early help and Advice Hub Initial response team for professional consultation Emergency duty team out of hours Ofsted Local Safeguarding Children Board LSCB Non-emergency police Government helpline for extremism concerns Types of abuse and particular procedures followed Abuse and neglect are forms of maltreatment of a child.

Somebody may abuse or neglect a child by harming them or by failing to act to prevent harm.Over comprehensive Policies and Procedures for Domiciliary Based Services that are researched and written to meet all the regulatory, legislative and good .

Be sure all your employees understand the function and elements of your emergency action plan, including types of potential emergencies, reporting procedures, alarm systems, evacuation plans, and shutdown procedures.

Hazardous Materials Incident Response Procedure REV 6 – 01/ adopted and applied to work for response to transportation accidents involving radioactive material or other hazardous materials incidents.

SCOPE This procedure applies to those personnel who . Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy Aim The service and all educators can effectively respond to and manage accidents, illness and emergencies which occur at the service to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, educators and visitors.

This policy and related policies and procedures at the service will be followed by nominated. Accidents and incidents of work related ill-health must be recorded in the official site accident book B Accidents and incidents of ill health which result in an absence from work of more than three days must be reported on form F or FA (all obtainable from The Stationery Office).

Jan 22,  · service, and possible terrorist acts. Tactical law enforcement incidents have the potential to result in serious injury to law enforcement officers, .

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