Etan thomas essays for scholarships

Prehistory[ edit ] Humans first settled in East Timor 42, years ago. The first is described by anthropologists as people of the Veddo - Australoid type. Around BC, a second migration brought Melanesians.

Etan thomas essays for scholarships

A more accurate comparison would be when a company builds a factory in an economically underdeveloped country, paying its workers pennies but making millions while claiming to be doing them a favor by providing a tremendous opportunity they wouldn't otherwise have.

Let's look at the facts: Yes, that's billion with a "B. That's based on 62 of 68 schools in the field for which USA Today was able to obtain compensation figures. The popularity of the NCAA bowl games and March Madness continues to skyrocket, and so do the astronomical television deals and overall profits that come with that exponential growth.

While this raises the eyebrows of some, it simultaneously causes universities to clench their Scrooge McDuck empires even tighter.

etan thomas essays for scholarships

Players don't share in the spoils, and the more money universities make, the more tightfisted they become. There are those, however, who are still completely against the thought of college players not only unionizing, but also being compensated in any form beyond their scholarships.

Some are naive enough to believe that the reason the NCAA doesn't want to pay college athletes is because they are percent committed to the value placed on educational and intellectual enlightenment. Some are actually convinced that the very fiber of our institutions of higher learning would be compromised and the focus of scholastic achievement would quickly dissipate.

Many do not realize that if you have a career-ending injury, you're no longer of any use to the university and can be sold up the river, or, in modern terms, lose your scholarship. I know this firsthand because it almost happened to my wife then girlfriendNichole Oliver now Nichole Thomaswho, like me, played basketball for Syracuse University.

After her third knee surgery, the Syracuse specialist told her that if she wanted to be able to walk without a cane and play with her kids in the future, she had to stop playing basketball.

She was devastated, because as athletes, we are programmed to run through walls, ignore pain and never quit.

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But after much convincing from the people who cared about her -- mostly her mother -- Nichole made the right decision. Then-Head Coach Mariana Freeman, Felisha Legette, and the rest of the Syracuse Women's program began a crusade to take Nichole's scholarship away because after all, if you can no longer play what good are you to them.

If their main concern was education, this wouldn't have happened. The bottom line is that it's a business. When you play Division I sports, you're not treated as a "student-athlete" -- as colleges love to profess to the world -- you're an athlete-student, and you're there for one reason and one reason only.

You can keep your grades up enough to remain eligible, but then again, that's only so you can be able to play -- and earn more money for the university. But naysayers will tell you things along the lines of Whether or not college athletes are actually being exploited shouldn't even be a question.

The only question is how we can rectify this problem. This story was originally published on The Root.Nov 25,  · Etan thomas essays about education.

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