Eminem s controversial lyrics essay example

Though his lyrics can be gritty, racy, and loaded with violent overtones, fans of all races have responded to his anger, his expert rhymes, and his unusually personal brand of hip-hop music. Eminem's career grew more rapidly than he could have predicted, and his rise to fame has been marked by a severe level of controversy.

Eminem s controversial lyrics essay example

If those kids were here right now, what would you say to them? I would listen to what they have to say. By the end of their violent rampage, fifteen people were dead—twelve students, one teacher, and the killers themselves—and another 24 were injured.

After the shooting, everybody in America ran around like a decapitated chicken while they tried to explain it.

This page is our attempt. This is easier for Harris and Klebold than with most spree killers—the two left behind a treasure trove of home videos, diaries, and other records that detailed their thought processes, attitudes, and plans for the massacre.

This mountain of information is also largely responsible for the mystique that built up around the two and their crimes, especially in comparison to massacres with higher body counts. The two boys were juvenile delinquents Eminem s controversial lyrics essay example had a history of trouble with the law.

The year before the shooting, they had both been arrested for breaking into and stealing tools from a locked van. They made such a good impression on the police that, in exchange for having their criminal records expunged, they would go through a program that included community service, psychiatric treatment, and—for Harris —anger management classes.

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For showing good behavior and making a good impression on their handlers, they were discharged from the program a few months early. In the memoirs they taped before the shooting, they bragged about how well they had fooled the police into thinking they had reformed.

The two later made a video for a school project called Hitmen for Hirein which they played two Bully Huntersand Harris wrote a violent Doom Fan Fic for a creative writing project.

Harris was also caught the year before making threats on his website to various students and teachers, and Klebold had a long history of cursing at teachers and getting into fights with his boss at the pizza place he worked at.

Harris and Klebold were victims of bullying, including homophobic remarks, but they gave as good as they got: They often wrote in their diaries about how they themselves had bullied underclassmen and "fags".

Ironically, Klebold identified as bisexual online, although he remained closeted in real life until he died. In early reports, the two were said to be members of the "Trenchcoat Mafia," a clique of gamers and self-styled outcasts who all wore black trenchcoats. The killers were also not quite the loners that early reports described them as—they had a number of friends friends who were unpopular, but friends nonethelessand three days before the massacre, Klebold had taken female friend Robyn Anderson to the prom.

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The duo were avid gamers, particularly of Doom which Harris had even made mods forand used the names "Reb" and "VoDKa" Harris and Klebold, respectively as both their online handles and their nicknames. In regards to motive, the general consensus amongst investigators says the pair—particularly Harris—were diehard nihilists who wanted to leave a mark on the world.

Both diaries make frequent reference to the Oklahoma City bombing, the Waco Siege, and other disasters and massacres, noting how they wished to "outdo" these events.

Their codename for the massacre was "NBK"—a reference to one of their favorite films, Natural Born Killersin which the main characters go on a killing spree and become celebrities in the process.

The location and timing of their massacre was no coincidence, and it emphasizes their lack of specific targets.

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No experience could be more universal than a normal day at school. The Massacre Harris and Klebold started planning their attack a year in advance.

Their plan was to build a number of large bombs, which they would plant in the cafeteria, then detonate them at lunch time to destroy the cafeteria and the library above it. Had this come to pass, they would have killed hundreds of students in what would have been the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in American history—which is why they thought they would "top" Oklahoma City.

After the explosion, they would pick off survivors outside as they fled the burning school.

Eminem s controversial lyrics essay example

Notes in their journals also contain thoughts about heading to Denver International Airport, hijacking a planeand crashing it into a building in New York Cityas well as fleeing to Mexico. But most evidence suggests they had originally planned to attack the school on April 19, the anniversary of both the Oklahoma City bombing they hoped to top and the end of the Waco Siege.

They were forced to push it back a day because a cache of ammo they needed was delivered that night. The killers arrived at the school at They headed back to their cars to wait for the bombs to go off. The bombs failed thanks to their lack of finesse in the finer points of bomb-making.

The only bomb to detonate was a decoy that they had placed in a nearby field earlier that morning. Set to explode at Here, they took off their trenchcoats, killed two students and a teacher, and wounded nine others as they went through the halls.

When they walked in, Harris told everybody wearing a white baseball cap — a tradition amongst school athletes — to stand up. Harris and Klebold then killed ten people and wounded twelve others. The killers left the library at They went back into the now-emptied-out library at Early speculation said a third man had been involved in the shootings, based on reports that a strange man had been seen on the roof on the school he was a repairman who had locked himself up on the roof after he heard gunshots.

Others claimed that the two killers could not have hauled all of the bombs into the cafeteria by themselves.Some scattered links this week: Matthew Yglesias: No summary of the week, but he wrote some important pieces this week. John McCain's memorial service was not a resistance event: Cites Susan Glasser's New Yorker article for its ridiculous resistance meme -- something I wrote about last week.

As noted, McCain's occasional dissent from Trump . - The Negative Effects of Eminem’s Lyrics Eminem is a name that most Americans have grown to know about in the last year. Not only for his music, but for the controversy that his music brings. Many people are offended by his lyrics and they believe that he should be regulated in some way.

Harris (left) and Klebold (right) caught on the school's security cameras in the cafeteria, 11 minutes before their suicides. Eminem uses music is an outlet to release emotions and sometimes the way he says his lyrics can leave society perceiving him as very negative. When he first was coming out into hip hop music scene, he had very controversial items on his albums.

Thinking Outside the Box: A Misguided Idea The truth behind the universal, but flawed, catchphrase for creativity. Posted Feb 06, Dec 28,  · The phrase “guilty pleasure” has long outlived its usefulness.

If you really like a song or a movie or a TV show, no matter how cheesy the conventional wisdom says it is, you should feel free.

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