Early chinese civilization: writings and paintings essay

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Early chinese civilization: writings and paintings essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Writings and Paintings Essay Sample Introduction There has been a debate that the early writings and paintings indicate the earliest forms of civilization.

Early chinese civilization: writings and paintings essay

Some of the earliest civilizations are recorded to have taken place in Middle East especially along the river banks, some of the early river civilizations that have been described are along R. Civilization is the process by which people develop a culture or a society that is describe by a variety of character.

This character includes organization of groups, practicing complex activities such as agriculture, building and construction of towns and organized leadership. The word has therefore been used to describe culture in certain instances. People engage in practices that are correctly identified as traditions, beliefs and cultural ethics.

Thesis Statement The ancient Chinese writings and paintings indicate early civilization and that it started in China. Many earliest forms of communication and documentation like writings, paintings, monuments and other forms of cultural preservation are all viewed as a form of civilization William Earliest Invention of Writing The early writings are associated with the process of civilization from river valley civilization, barbarian civilization to coercive agrarian civilization.

However, the Chinese form of writing date back to the Shang dynasty period which is believed to have existed during the BC period. These writings were discovered on bone inscriptions bone oracle at present day Anyang. The agrarian civilization begun with the river valley civilization and the major characteristics of this civilization were; invention of writing, organization of communities into empires and construction of buildings and monuments William The evidences to early civilization have been collected along river banks and this means that the earliest civilization took place along these rivers.

The general question of concern is why early civilization materialized along river valleys?

Early chinese civilization: writings and paintings essay

The answer to this question is that rivers provided a source of dependable livelihood throughout the year. Rivers also worked as micro climate regulation influencing vegetation, type of weather, natural features and topography besides the land around river is usually very fertile and hence encouraged farming The earliest writings of late years Before Christ are not considered as writings but rather as symbols.

The earliest symbols were used to communicate messages to people and their complexity gradually grew to include rows aligned and could bring to mind an intuition of a clear text David It is very hard to say exactly at what point the writings emerged from the proto-writings.

And further more there not so much known about the meaning of the symbols. The earliest were known as hieroglyphics. The writings from Egypt, Cretan and China have all been linked to proto-writing and related symbols Some symbols were discovered carved into tortoise shells in China and they dated back to the 6th Millennium Before Christ.

These writings are a result of Neolithic civilization and are called Neolithic signs David Analysts argue that simple geometric designs cannot be assumed to be related to the current writing styles and have disputed claims that writings were found on Oracle bone scripts.

Scripts discovered in Indus i. Historians have tried to differentiate between Prehistoric and Historic writings described in Autochthonous written documentation. The first writing in certain areas developed over years from incomplete inscriptions to coherent texts.

It has been found that about years passed between Old Italic alphabet to Plautus to BC and for Germany the corresponding time span is almost the same from Elder Futhark inscriptions to early texts like the Abrogans to CE The earliest writings include scripts such as cuneiform scripts, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Chinese writing, elamite scripts, Cretan scripts, Indus script and Anatolian hieroglyphs DeFrancis Cuneiform scripts are original Sumerian writings derived from a writing on clay tokens used to represent cuneiforms developed from pictographic and have since become logograms, syllables and numbers and were used for general purpose.

The script was adapted to the Akkadian language and then to Hurrian and Hittite Egyptian hieroglyphs were very crucial tool for maintaining the Egyptian empire and literacy was coming to most people with writing and reading of scribes.

The hieroglyphs were very hard to learn and were purposely made so to preserve the sanctity of the scribes. The Chinese writings have communicated a lot about the ancient Chinese Empires.

Some of them were markings on turtle shells dating back to BC. Historians say that the writing tool had an outcome on what the writing was documenting. The Indus script is a typical example of writings that came up as a result of agrarian civilization DeFrancis Furniture in the early Baroque, or William and Mary, style broke away from the solid, horizontal massing and rectilinear outlines of the preceding era.

while sculptures that feature thin bodies with thick clothing evince a Chinese idiom. Read essay. Chinese Calligraphy.

early Netherlandish paintings reveal the pursuit of a common goal. The Chinese Civilization essaysThe history of ancient Chinese civilization has always fascinated people, perhaps, in recent times more than ever.

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More than one billion Chinese people live in the world today. There are many characteristics that can unite and give a common identity to such an. Ancient Civilizations in China: History and Culture. Print Reference this.

Published: This could be the job of many farmers. I think ancient China's art and architecture is always something to do with their beliefs or rulers.

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What Continue reading "Art History – 65 Short Answer Questions" Skip to content Art History – 65 Short Answer Questions. and how is one constructed? MODULE 9: CH 4 PG CH 9 PG Chinese and Korean 1. What was the Silk Road, and what was. Chinese art is visual art that, whether ancient or modern, originated in or is practiced in China or by Chinese artists.

The Chinese art in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and that of overseas Chinese can also be considered part of Chinese art where it is based in or draws on Chinese heritage and Chinese culture. Chinese music dates back to the dawn of Chinese civilization.

Documents and artifacts give evidence of a well-developed musical culture as early as the Zhou Dynasty in BC. Early Chinese music was influenced by the Book of Songs, Confucius and the Chinese poet and statesman Qu Yuan.

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