Dannys essay in american history x

American History X is a crime drama film directed by Tony Kane. The charismatic Derek is the leader of a racist gang and a hero to his young brother, until his trip to prison radically alters his previously held convictions.

Dannys essay in american history x

Dannys essay in american history x

The movie follows the redemption of neo-Nazi Derek Vineyard and his younger brother Danny, who is in danger of going down the same road. He views black crime as a siege on his own liberties and happiness, while considering his own violence to be a crusade against evil.

Yet Derek most likely does not have this idea in mind when he leads a gang of skinheads to vandalize a store in his own neighborhood.

This dissonance is explained by the kind of social construction that surrounds the relation of our own actions to those of what we perceive as deviant groups.

The attitude Derek displays throughout the film mirrors that of his father, the kind of suspicious, defensive, us-against-them mentality that makes black efforts for equality appear like an attack on whites and American meritocratic individualism.

The perception of crime displayed by Derek reflects that sort of personalized response to events, how perspective shapes the meaning of crime.

Such race issues are often tied to class, particularly for people who are in a precarious economic position. The idea of other races as competition leads people to believe that such people are trying to take something from them, trying to subvert them.

He sees changes as black people taking something away from him. Well he went under, and now some fucking Korean owns it, who fired these guys, and is making a killing because he hired 40 fucking border jumpers!

Derek fiercely promotes the idea of American equal opportunity, oblivious to the hypocrisy of his arguments. Yet Derek cites crime statistics a few times throughout the film in order to make a point, crying: One in every three black males is in some phase of the correctional system Kaye and Morrissey, Obviously he is not as well accounted with the shortcomings of the UCR and other crime data reports as we are, and fails to recognize how statistics can be miscalculated and twisted.

As Beirne and Messerschmidt explain, the UCR crime data is collected in such a way that makes black criminality appear more widespread than it actually is.

A divisive, heated, nationally covered issue such as the Rodney King riots provides the perfect breeding ground for misconception and generalization.

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He often seems to be on the brink of self-reflection and realization, only to get dragged back down by his deeply-entrenched beliefs.

Derek cannot change his mindset because he is constantly putting himself in a position to reinforce his ideas. The real breakthrough occurs when he meets Lamont, a black man and his work partner for the prison laundry job.

Lamont, who is serving six years for an accidental assault, is the opposite of everything that Derek has come to expect.

Derek breaks down in laughter, and their friendship begins. And when Derek is ousted by his fellow neo-Nazis, he expects to be murdered, only to find that Lamont has been protecting him the whole time. His worldview shaken, Derek begins to let in the doubts about racism that he has been trying to ignore throughout the film.

American History X is an example of hegemony gone bad, of the damage that dominant ideologies can cause. Derek is well read and well learned, an obviously bright guy.American History X Perhaps the highest compliment you can pay to Edward Norton is that his Oscar-nominated performance in American History X nearly convinces you that there is a shred of logic in the tenets of white supremacy.

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American History X impressed people because it is one of the few movies have shown the problem was the redemption of the interior of the problem. Thanks to several charismatic figure can be designed on a philosophical level, this film is entirely in agreement with many authors of doctrines.

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Dannys essay in american history x

” American History X, directed by Tony Kaye, is a movie about the transformation of Derek Vinyard: a young neo-Nazi skinhead. Derek’s father, Dennis Vinyard, was a middle-class fireman who disagreed with many of the ideological changes–such as affirmative “black” . American History X is a film about the love between two brothers, Derek and his little brother Danny, and and how the choices they make as teenagers affects them, their family and the rest of the society for life.

The story takes place in a neo-nazi environment on Venice Beach, a suburb in South-California.

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