Binaural beats astral projection

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Binaural beats astral projection

Using specially tuned music and frequencies, our Astral Projection meditation is designed to facilitate astral travel. The music begins by using Alpha waves to tune in to your current mind state.

The music gradually drops down 1 Hz per minute, stimulating your creative senses and entraining your brain deeper into relaxation at every level.

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It finally settles in the Theta state at 6. At approximately minutes, you will begin to enter the hypnagogic state, the state where your body and mind are on the edge of sleep.

At this point, you will need to maintain your awareness and not let your brain fall asleep, which is done by following the images, hallucinations and other mental photography you see in front of you. As your third eye becomes increasingly stimulated, your physical body will fall asleep but your mind will remain engaged in the journey.

It is some time after this point that a portal will open and you will be able to astral project. The guide details a proven 6-step formula for you to follow while listening to the meditation.

Binaural beats astral projection

The guide explains what to expect, how to cope with the unexpected, the best times to project and how to distinguish the dream world from the astral plane. If you want to travel the astral plane, our binaural beats Astral Projection meditation package is your ticket to an alternative dimension!Top 4 Binaural Beats.

's of have relied on my Binaural Beats reviews to help them make the right decision, based on their goals and budget. There's a lot of . Can Binaural Beats Help You With Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming? By A lot of readers have contacted me to ask about Binaural Beats, and whether they help with Astral Projection.

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Join Now! Browse Our Audio Collection. There has been a fair amount of scientific study to date on using brainwave entrainment and binaural beats to help people who have ADD and has been shown over and over again that listening to very specific brainwave audios do help and can make quite a .

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