An analysis of teaching styles in social class and the hidden curriculum of work by jean anyon

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An analysis of teaching styles in social class and the hidden curriculum of work by jean anyon

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An analysis of teaching styles in social class and the hidden curriculum of work by jean anyon

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Alsop, S and Hicks, K, eds. Howe, A and Richards, V, eds.Apr 11,  · I found Jean Anyon's "Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work" to be very interesting and shocking in a way. Anyon discusses what she believes to be the hidden curriculum in schooling, or the idea of tailoring school work to prepare students for a life in the social class .

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Laine Parish, Information Literacy Intern. Whether using anecdotal evidence in a research paper, writing about a literacy event as an English student, or just telling a colleague about your day, narrative is a key element in any communication process.

In fact, there are about five public school systems in the U.S., each reflecting teaching styles and curricula designed to reproduce the social class of the kids in the school. The national school system does, for the most part, what it is supposed to do.

 Article Summary In the article “From Social Class and The Hidden Curriculum of Work,” Jean Anyon talks about contrasting social-class school systems and the differing curriculum offered in each. The different social-class school systems consist of working-class, middle-class.

In the article titled “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum” Jean Anyon separated schools based on social class and focused on how each school’s teaching effected the thought process of their students.

Current social issues were not to be examined by students until the senior year of high school. the most comprehensive treatment of social studies appeared in the same period: The Handbook of Research on Social Studies Teaching and Learning.

with certain commission selected social science disciplines taught under the history rubric.

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