A mischievous puppy description

As soon as Chuck returns, we will have an adorable new puppy.

A mischievous puppy description

The head of a female English Setter The head of a male English Setter The English Setter is a medium-sized dog which should have an elegant overall appearance.

A mischievous puppy description

The field or hunting type can be finer in build and construction than those from bench or show lines. The body is of a moderate length proportionate to its height and it has strong powerful hindquarters.

It carries its tail in line with its back and the tail should be long enough to reach the hock. Long silky coat — usually called "feathering", forms fringes on the outside of the ears, neck, chest, down the back of the front legs, under the belly and on the back legs.

The tail is also feathered with long coat. The body coat and feathering should be straight and A mischievous puppy description but not profuse and never curly although a slight wave can be seen.

The field or hunting type has a shorter coat that requires less grooming. The various speckled coat colours when occurring in English Setters are A mischievous puppy description to as belton; valid combinations are white with black flecks blue beltonwhite with orange flecks orange beltonwhite with orange flecks and lighter nose lemon beltonwhite with liver flecks liver beltonor "tricolour", which is blue or liver belton with tan markings on the face, chest, and legs.

The flecking should not form large patches on the body and the flecks should be distributed all over the body. Coat white with orange flecks An orange belton Temperament[ edit ] An English Setter puppy when the colour markings on the body are not yet fully developed This breed's standard temperament is best described as a "Gentleman by Nature".

They are active dogs that need plenty of exercise and up to two hours a day of exercise is recommended. However, they are not always easy to train, as their natural bird instinct tends to distract them in outdoor environments.

A mischievous puppy description

Among the extra requirements is "Ensuring that the parents of each litter are readily identifiable by either MicrochipTattoo or DNA profile. However, the survey had only received a small response rate.

Setters hunt by ranging over large distances in a systematic, methodical manner, silently seeking game by scent. When prey is found by scenting the air, the dog will freeze rather than give chase.

Once the dog has indicated where the birds are by freezing on point, on command it would then slowly creep forward to disturb the birds into flight. Once the birds were in flight the hunter who had been following the dog would release hawks to capture the birds in the air.

When netting superseded the use of hawks, setting dogs would still be used to indicate the whereabouts of the birds, but the hunter would come up behind the dog and throw a net over the birds. In the mids, guns became more readily available and shooting game birds became a popular pastime of the landed gentry.

The basic work of setters was still to find and point to the location of game birds but it also had to be steady to shot. Dogs that show excitement and interest in birds are described as being "birdy", and trainers look for puppies that show this particular trait.

Training is usually done with quail as a first choice or domesticated pigeons. There is evidence that the English Setter originated in crosses of the Spanish Pointerlarge Water Spaniel, and English Springer Spanielwhich combined to produce an excellent bird dog with a high degree of proficiency in finding and pointing game in open country.

Argue speculates this may be a description of the blue belton colour found in English Setters. Another sort of Dogges be there, serviceable for fowling, making no noise either with foote or with tongue, whiles they follow the game.

They attend diligently upon their Master and frame their condition to such beckes, motions and gestures, as it shall please him to exhibite and make, either going forward, drawing backeward, inclinding to the right hand, or yealding toward the left.

When he hath founde the byrde, he keepeth sure and fast silence, he stayeth his steppes and wil proceede no further, and weth a close, covert watching eye, layeth his belly to the grounde and so creepth forward like a worme.

When he approaches neere to the place where the byrde is, he layes him downe, and with a marcke of his pawes, betrayeth the place of the byrdes last abode, whereby it is supposed that this kind of dogge is calles in Index, Setter, being in deede a name most consonant and agreeable to his quality.

Purcell Llewellin —who founded his strain using Laverack's best dogs and outcrossed them with the Duke, Rhoebe and later Duke's littermate Kate bloodlines with the best results. He was said to be admired by both fanciers and shooting men.

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Historically, many dogs descending from the same bloodline were referred to by the name of their breeder or owner and the nomenclatures "Laverack Setter" and "LLewellin Setter" describe English Setters bred by Laverack and Llewellin.

Another tremendous uncertainty exists among the widest possible class of hunters with reference to the so-called Llewellin Setters. Llewellin Setters are nothing more — and nothing less — than English Setters.Magoo Pup - Vacation Foster Needed 11//2! Status: Available Breed: Border Collie / Flat-coated Retriever / Mixed (short coat) Species/Sex: Dog/Male Description: Meet Magoo!Magoo is a good pup in training to be a good dog!

His given name was Pickles and he actually responds well to that name. The English Setter is a medium-size breed of caninariojana.com is part of the setter group, which includes the red Irish Setters, Irish Red and White Setters, and black-and-tan Gordon caninariojana.com mainly white body coat is of medium length with long silky fringes on the back of the legs, under the belly and on the tail.

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